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Edmond-Foot-And-Ankle-Waiting-RoomComprehensive foot and ankle care at our multiple locations in Edmond and Norman. Choosing a podiatrist may seem like an overwhelming task, but only one offers the best care for nerve pain in Central Oklahoma. That’s the kind of care you deserve. Whether you are living with an arthritic jointcomplex nerve conditionbunionflat feetingrown toenail, or toenail fungus, we’ll help end your pain. At Edmond/Norman Foot & Ankle Clinic, correct diagnosis and excellent treatment are hallmarks of the care you’ll receive from Bil Buksh, DPM. That’s why our patients refer their family and friends time and time again—putting them on the path to pain-free feet and ankles.

Common Conditions treated at our clinics:

Nerve conditions such as:

  • Common peroneal
  • Superficial peroneal
  • Deep Peroneal nerve entrapment
  • Surgery related pain
  • Revision surgeries for peripheral nerve disorders
  • Tibial nerve entrapment

Patient Video Testimonials

Ready for pain relief?

Heel spurs, tarsal tunnel syndrome, bunions, hammertoes, neuropathy, ingrown toenails, nail fungus, arthritic joints , ankle pain and injuries can all lead to chronic pain in feet and ankle. You don’t have time to deal with the misery of these and other common conditions.

Bil Buksh, DPM values conservative , effective treatments which will help your pain and get you back on your feet. Regenerative treatment such as plasma rich platelet therapy, Laser treatment for muscle, nerve and tendon pain, stem cells for arthritic joints and nerve pain, amniotic injections and nerve grafts, electrical stimulation effective for neuropathy with Neurogenix and much more some of the cutting edge methods to rejuvenate your feet. If you seek early treatment, you should expect to see immediate relief of your symptoms.

A Surgeon You Can TrustEdmond-foot-and-ankle-office

In some cases, relief is only found through surgical intervention. While no one looks forward to surgery, it may your best option for pain-free feet. Put your trust in Bil Buksh, DPM. With over 19 years of experience, he has earned the confidence of many local doctors who refer their patients to Edmond/Norman Foot & Ankle Clinic. Dr Buksh specializes in tarsal tunnel surgery, peripheral nerve surgery including microsugery, neuroma surgery, revisional nerve surgeries and endoscopic nerve decompression. Dr. Buksh has performed over 500 tarsal tunnel releases in the last 5 years only, giving him the edge over most surgeons in the greater OKC area. Bunion surgery, diabetic feet related surgical procedures, flat foot reconstruction, midfoot and forefoot reconstruction, tendon lengthening or transfers and fractures are commonly performed in addtion to the nerve surgeries.

Effective Laser Treatment for Nail Fungus, Heel Pain, Nerve Pain, etc.

Call now regarding our Spring special for treatment of nail fungus via painless FDA Cleared HyperBlue Laser. This laser has proven effective for clearing up thick nails when applied in the correct settings and patients. Please set up an appointment for a comprehensive exam and treatment options to clear up those thick toenails. Laser treatment for muscular, and nerve pain is excellent new option from tendonitis to heel pain.

Start Your Journey to Healthy Feet Today

Today is the day to find relief from painful feet and ankles. Please read through our website for contents posted just for you.  If you have suffered with chronic foot or ankle pain and have tried other methods and treatments without any luck, try our office and you will not be disappointed with the instant relief in your chronic pain .  You don’t have to travel this road alone. Let the staff of Edmond/Norman Foot & Ankle Clinic answer your questions and walk with you every step of the way.

Call today: (405) 285-7408 in Edmond, OK, or (405) 321-6984 in Norman, OK. 

You can also request an appointment online.


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