Choose Laser for Nerve Pain Treatment on Healthcare Decisions Day

National Healthcare Decisions Day is fast approaching on April 16, which means that it’s time to make a choice. If you suffer from peripheral neuropathy, Edmond/Norman Foot and Ankle Clinics caFootn treat your discomfort. At our offices, we use a laser for nerve pain to treat these conditions.

What is Peripheral Neuropathy?

The type of discomfort we treat is known as peripheral neuropathy, which means outer nerve damage. Commonly found in the feet, this condition damages feeling and proper function in your lower limbs. People with this nerve damage experience numbness, tingling and stinging in their toes, midfoot, and heel. Diabetics are very susceptible to developing this type of neuropathy.

A High-Tech Way to Treat Nerve Pain

This condition can’t be cured. However, it can be treated to make sure it doesn’t worsen. With clinical experience in peripheral neuropathy treatment, we have helped thousands of patients through both conservative actions and more involved methods of surgery. Our office uses a laser for nerve pain to stimulate your body’s natural healing processes. The treatment encourages blood flow in the damaged areas and may reduce the need for a more aggressive method of fixing the problem. For every patient, we suggest that they try conservative methods before deciding on surgery.

Make a decision for better foot health today. Find relief for your symptoms at Edmond/Norman Foot and Ankle Clinics, where we specialize in peripheral nerve-related discomfort. We have two offices, one in Norman at (405) 321-6984 and one in Edmond at (405) 285-7408.  Call today or schedule an appointment online.


Photo Credit: nenovbrothers via freedigitalphotos.net