Healthy Pedicure for Spring-Ready Feet

Foot In GrassWith every spring come signs of the season: blooming gardens, open tops on convertibles, and sandals of all kinds letting feet into the fresh air. If you plan to show off your feet at all, you might want to think about getting your toes spring-ready. The winter weather can be hard on your lower limbs, so they may need freshening up. This could be your opportunity to seek out a healthy pedicure.

The difference between a healthy pedicure and an unhealthy one is whether the pampering benefits your feet and nails or puts you at risk for infections. If you go to a salon, make sure they disinfect their soak bowls and sterilize their tools properly between clients. Ask if your technician is licensed, so you know he or she will understand proper care techniques. This is especially important if you have a condition like diabetes, which needs special accommodations to avoid infections. Never let anyone trim calluses with a razor or clip your cuticles—this can damage your skin and make you more vulnerable to bacteria.

You can do a healthy pedicure at home, too. Use a pumice stone to gently wear down calluses after a foot soak. Trim toenails straight across, smoothing the edges with an emery board, but filing in only one direction to avoid straining the nail. Push back your cuticles with a cuticle pusher so they remain intact. Use moisturizer on your skin and nails to keep them soft, smooth, and healthy. Use layers of basecoat before applying a dark nail polish to help prevent stains as well.

Following best practices for pedicures should make you less likely to develop problems. If you are injured or develop an infection from your pampering, contact Dr. Bil Buksh of Edmond/Norman Foot and Ankle for an appointment or more information right away. Fill out our website contact form or call our offices in Edmond and Norman, OK, to reach us: (405) 321-6984 for the Norman office; (405) 285-7408 for the Edmond location.


Photo Credit: Hans Braxmeier