Prevent Heel Pain for Happy Hiking

HikeDid you know? June is recognized nationally as the Great Outdoors Month! Seize the day, strap on those hiking boots, and throw that pack over your shoulders. The world is your oyster. Check out Arcadia Lake this month for adventures in mountain biking, hiking, and horseback riding. With 13 miles of beautiful landscapes and scenery to behold, don’t let heel pain hold you back.

No two feet are the same, but many hikers can experience the same pains. Make smart shoe selections and educate yourself in proper foot care techniques, after all, happy feet make for happy hikers. Follow these tips to a more enjoyable outdoor experience:

  • Condition your feet. The muscles, tendons, and ligaments of your lower limbs need to be eased into rigorous activity. Start with shorter hikes and lighter packs to reduce your risk of ankle sprains and overuse injuries.
  • It’s all about footwear. Begin with a great pair of moisture-wicking socks and change them daily. When it comes to shoes, your toes need room to wiggle and breathe. If your boots have tight areas that rub against your skin, try stretching the leather to create a stress relieving pocket. Remember that shoes need to be broken in as well.
  • Manage your personal hygiene. If your toenails get too long, they’ll cause you problems, as will clipping them too short. Keep nails the length of your toes and be sure to file down edges that could catch on your socks. Don’t forget about your skin! If you’ve developed blisters and calluses, keep them soft and clean.

For a top-notch hiking experience follow our guidelines. For top-notch foot care, visit our office! Make an appointment with the experts at Edmond/Norman Foot and Ankle Clinic, in Oklahoma by calling (405) 285-7408, today. You’ll be hiking without heel pain in no time!


Photo Credit: sebadelval via pixabay.com