Diabetic Nail Care and Great Food for Healthy Feet

People with diabetes face special challenges in life. One is keeping a steady blood sugar level, which requires eating right and exercising. The Norman Farm Market can help you with that. Every Saturday morning and Tuesday evening you can pick Cutting Your Nailsup grown-in-Oklahoma fruits, veggies, eggs, herbs, and spices from vendors at the Cleveland County Fairground—and get in a walk at the same time. The other challenge is keeping your feet healthy, which requires frequent monitoring and sound diabetic nail care.

You should wash and dry your feet and inspect them carefully each day. Pay particular attention to your toenails, because they help protect your toes from damage. Healthy nails are smooth, pinkish, and slightly rounded. The should be neither too long nor too short, so you may need to trim them more often to keep them just the right length.

After your shower, carefully clip the nails with small cuts, straight across and not too short. Do not round off the corners, and do not cut your cuticles. You can use an emery board or file to smooth out any rough or sharp edges. Check for evidence of ingrown toenails, as they can pierce the skin and open your toes to infection. You are more susceptible to toenail fungus when you have diabetes, because your circulation is often hindered, making it harder to fight off a fungal invasion.

If your toenails are thick, excessively curved, or infected, or if you just have trouble reaching them, don’t go to a nail salon. Come in to Edmond/Norman Foot and Ankle Clinic in Oklahoma and have Bil Buksh DPM take care of your diabetic nail care safely. Call us at (405) 285-7408 to set up a time, and let us provide excellent care for all of your foot problems.


Photo Credit: ponsulak via freedigitalphotos.net