Yoga for Bunion Pain

When you hear the word yoga, thoughts of stretching, relaxation, and deep breathing come to mind. Usually bunions are not the first thing that springs to mind, but yoga for bunion pain is becoming a very common way to treat this common foot condition. 3rd Street Yoga in Edmond, OK can provide you with much-needed relief for your toe bumps.Yoga Stretch Pose

Bunions form when your toes press together too tightly and cause the joint at the base of your big toe to jut outward. They may develop as a result of heredity or wearing shoes that are too tight. When your toes become out of alignment, certain muscles have to work harder and may become overworked and overstretched. These yoga poses focus on realigning the big toe so that your muscles can go back to doing what they’re meant to do.

The warrior pose helps with arch strengthening and will ultimately help with alignment. Other standing poses (triangle pose or half-moon pose) work different areas as well. With triangle pose you are extending the ankle more, but keeping the toe pressed more tightly to the ground, which can be more comfortable than other poses. Half-moon pose, however, requires balancing on one foot, and that can be very challenging for someone with a bunion. Poses such as downward facing dog and bridge pose can help stretch your arches, which can help with alignment. All of these and more help slow down the progression of bunions and can even help correct them.

For more help with your bunions, call Dr. Bil Buksh at (405) 285-7408 to schedule an appointment in his Edmond, OK office. Edmond/Norman Foot & Ankle Clinic is dedicated to the health of your feet. We want to treat your foot conditions as conservatively as possible to keep you living the lifestyle you’re used to with minimal downtime.


Photo Credit: marymccraft via pixabay.com