Fact and Fiction When it Comes to Podiatric Health

Be able to decide between fact and fiction when it comes to your podiatric health.

Our feet do a lot for us. Most of the time we don’t even think about it; however, whenever we are running errands, rushing to work or going for our evening run, they are working hard so that the rest of you doesn’t have to. While taking care of your feet might be as simple as brushing your teeth, you’d be surprised how many myths circulate about how to properly care for your feet. Your Edmond podiatrist is here to crack those myths wide open so you know how to treat your feet!

Myth #1: If you can walk on your foot or ankle, it’s not broken.

While it might seem hard to believe, it is completely possible to still be able to walk even though you’ve broken a bone in your foot or ankle. Of course this will depend on the severity and location of the break, as well as your threshold for pain; however, we never advise anyone to walk on a broken foot.

In fact, you should be resting and following a treatment plan that’s been mapped out by your Edmond podiatrist. Apply ice to keep swelling down and elevate the foot until you can see your foot doctor.

Myth #2: A broken toe doesn’t need to be fixed; it will heal on its own.

You may have heard others state that there is really nothing that can be done about a broken toe but to give it time and let it heal; however, whenever you are dealing with a break, it’s important to see your podiatrist.

Broken toes that don’t get the proper treatment can make walking and even putting on shoes a challenge. Plus we can offer up treatment options to promote faster and more efficient healing to prevent arthritis and other problems from happening later in life. If you suspect that you’ve broken your toe, call your Edmond podiatrist today for an appointment.

Myth #3: Toenail fungus is only an aesthetic problem.

When you get a toenail fungus you are dealing with an infection. A fungus grows between the layers of the nail, which causes discoloration and nail thickening. It can also cause pain. If you’ve noticed that you Fungal Nailhave a persistent bout of athlete’s foot, or it keeps returning, it could be due to the fact that that the fungus that causes athlete’s foot also grows in your nails. Once in your nails, the fungus can spread to the skin. If you’ve been noticing issues that you think are fungus related, call your Edmond podiatrist.

It can sometimes be hard to separate the myths from the truths, especially when it comes to foot care. If you are concerned about the health of your feet or are experiencing symptoms, call our office today to schedule an appointment. Give your feet some relief!


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