Eliminate Toenail Fungus

Our laser toenail treatment in Edmond and Norman can give you clearer, healthier toenails.

Nail problems are not as rare as you may think. In fact, nail problems comprise 10 percent of dermatological conditions, and fungal infections cause approximately half of all nail-related problems. Since fungi tend to live in warm, moist environments, the foot tends to  be an ideal living situation for this organism. Toenails tend to be at particular risk of fungal infections since they have less blood flow, which makes the infection more difficult for your body to recognize and fight. While certain fungal treatments haven’t proved successful in the past, our laser toenail treatment in Edmond and Norman can penetrate through the fungus and effectively kill the organism.Toenail Fungus Edmond Podiatry

What laser toenail treatment do you use in Edmond and Norman?

We use the HyperBlue Laser, which is FDA-cleared to eliminate fungal infections from under the nail.

How does the HyperBlue Laser in Edmond and Norman work?

The laser beam will be placed over the infected area where the light will pass through the nail and kill the fungus while leaving healthy tissue untouched. Will you will not notice a clear nail right away, you will notice it over time as the nail grows out.

Does laser toenail treatment hurt?

No. The HyperBlue laser is performed as an outpatient procedure and does not require anesthesia since it is painless. This is a quick and safe way to eliminate chronic fungal infections. Plus the laser will not affect healthy surrounding tissue, as it only penetrates the toenail and treats the infection.

How long does laser toenail treatment take?

This treatment only takes about 20 minutes and there is no recovery time. Patients can walk in and out of the office and return to their daily activities. This is also an ideal treatment option for patients who do not want to deal with the side effects of oral medications and drugs to treat their infection.

How many laser toenail treatments in Edmond and Norman are recommended?

Research studies have found that in about 80 percent of cases this laser treatment kills fungus and produces clearer nail regrowth in only one treatment. However, most patients will require up to three treatments to notice a full improvement.


If you are suffering from toenail fungus that hasn’t responded to other treatment options, then laser toenail treatment in Edmond and Norman might be right for you. Call us today to schedule a consultation.

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