How to Prevent Diabetic Foot Problems

According to the latest figures from the Centers for Disease Control, 29 million Americans have diabetes; that’s nearly 10% of our population. People with diabetes are more susceptible to dangerous foot issues than people without the disease.  In diabetic patients, the development of painful nerve damage known as peripheral neuropathy is common. This nerve damage causes a loss of feeling in your feet, which makes it difficult to perceive changes in temperature, wounds, or cuts. Infection can easily begin and is difficult to cure due to the poor blood circulation associated with diabetes.

A Partner in Prevention

The Edmond/Norman Foot & Ankle Clinic has been a leader in the Oklahoma City area for over 15 years in advocating preventative measures for diabetic foot problems. If you or someone in your family is diabetic, schedule an exam in either our Norman or Edmond office with our board certified podiatrist, Dr. A. Bil Buksh. Your podiatrist is a key partner in taking care of your feet and making sure they stay strong and healthy and in avoiding serious diabetic foot complications.

What Can you Do?

There are several ways you can help head off diabetic foot issues.

  • Examine your feet every day. Check for cuts and any noticeable changes in temperature, skin color, swelling, or pain.
  • Wash your feet daily with soap and warm water. Dry completely, including between the toes after each washing.
  • Wear only dry, clean socks and change them every day.
  • Buy comfortable shoes that do not rub or cause any discomfort to your feet. With reduced nerve sensation, ill fitting shoes could be causing a serious problem without your realizing it.
  • Avoid smoking because it reduces blood flow to your feet.

Good hygiene and care of your feet and early detection of any potential problems are the best gift you can give your diabetic feet.