Self Checks for Your Feet

While we are not suggesting that you start doing your own podiatric check-ups and forgo your visits to Edmond/Norman Foot & Ankle Clinic, doing regular self checks on your feet is a good way to help ensure that your feet are healthy and functioning properly. Here’s a rundown of the major areas to check and what to look for:

  • Pain: Pain and stiffness are not normal and usually indicate a problem or injury. Things to take note of include the location of the pain, whether the pain came on suddenly or gradually, if it seems related to activity, and if it goes away when you get off your feet.
  • Changes: Lumps, bumps, protrusions and other abnormalities should be brought to your foot doctor’s attention. Has the shape of your foot changed? Do you notice any of your toes bending or changing position?
  • Skin: Check for blisters, calluses, or corns which can indicate excessive pressure being applied to a part of the foot or irritation due to poorly fitting footwear. Changes in skin color, especially to a bluish or purplish shade can be a sign of circulation problems. Rashes or flaky skin can signal an infection or dry skin condition.
  • Feeling: Periodically check the sensation on your feet. Take an object with a dull end, such as the eraser side of a pencil and trace it across the top, bottom and sides of your feet. Note if there are any areas where you have decreased or a lack of sensation. This can be an early indicator of nerve problems or diabetes.
  • Movement: Flex your feet, toes and ankles. Circle your ankles around, left and right. Do you have full range of motion? If you notice any stiffness or inability to bend or flex any part of your foot, be sure to discuss with your foot doctor.

By being vigilant and checking your feet regularly for any changes or signs of problems will go a long way to ensuring good foot health for years to come. Our board certified foot and ankle surgeon, Dr. A. Bil Buksh is your partner in podiatric care. If you have any questions about the care your feet, contact our Edmond or Norman office for an appointment.