Back to School Shoe Shopping

It’s time for the start of the new school year and for most children that means new shoes. At Edmond Norman Foot & Ankle so many of the foot problems we see could be prevented by wearing properly fitting shoes. Here are some tips to consider when purchasing your child’s new school shoes:

  • In general, children’s shoes should have a built-in arch, cushioned insole and a stiff heel counter. The front of the shoe where the ball of the foot goes should be flexible and giving.
  • If your child has a foot problem or toe deformity, consult our board certified foot and ankle surgeon, Dr. A. Bil Buksh for specific shoe recommendations. A child with weak ankles, for example, may do best with high-top sneakers or shoes for extra ankle support.
  • It’s a good idea to have your child’s feet professionally measured. Be sure the child is standing up and that the foot is fully in the measuring device.
  • It is not uncommon for children (and adults too) to have two different size feet. Fit shoes to the larger foot.
  • Have your child wear the socks they will be wearing to school when trying on new shoes. Be sure they walk around the store with both shoes on and tied or fastened fully to be sure the shoes are comfortable.
  • There should be a least half and inch of room between the toes and tip of the shoe (that’s about the width of your thumb). Make sure toes can move freely in the shoes.
  • Remember, kids grow fast! Check their shoes often to be sure they are not tight and be on the lookout for blisters, redness or painful spots that can indicate they’ve grown out of their shoes.

For more information about protecting your child’s foot health or to arrange an appointment to have a check up for your child’s feet, contact our Edmond or Norman office today.