Scary Sounding Foot Conditions

It’s nearly Halloween, time for ghosts and goblins and all manner of scary things. At Edmond Norman Foot & Ankle we thought this would be a good time to go over some podiatric conditions that sound scary (even though they may have simple remedies).

Achilles Tendon Xanthomasxanthomas are cholesterol deposits which can build up in your Achilles tendon forming tiny lumps. Usually, treatment plans to lower cholesterol will eliminate the xanthomas; however, in some cases additional treatment may be necessary.

Osteochondritis—patients who have suffered previous ankle sprains and injuries are prone to this condition. Its symptoms are similar to an ankle sprain and include swelling, pain, stiffness and difficulty bearing weight on the ankle. The podiatrist may recommend a surgical or non-surgical solution, depending on severity of the osteochondritis.

Subungal exotosis—usually the result of a severe trauma or crushing injury, subungal exotosis refers to a bone spur that forms beneath the nail of the big toe. Pressure on the toe from walking and wearing shoes can cause extreme pain. Removing the bony projection surgically is usually necessary.

Erythromelalgia—this is a somewhat rare disorder in which the blood vessels in the feet become enlarged. Patients with erythromelalgia often experience redness, pain and an intense heat or burning sensation in their feet. This condition can occur on its own or be associated with another disease and can be treated with medication.

Of course any problem with your feet or ankles can seem scary if you don’t have the facts. Many times what we fear medically turns out to be not that bad once we have an official evaluation. If you have been putting off getting an exam for a foot condition, don’t wait any longer: contact our Edmond or Norman office for an appointment. Our board certified foot and ankle surgeon, Dr. A. Bil Buksh will do a complete examination and give you an accurate diagnosis. A treatment plan designed just for you will have you back to enjoying your active lifestyle in a flick of a black cat’s tail.