Early Treatment Best for Toe Deformities

At Edmond Norman Foot & Ankle we see patients with a wide variety of toe deformities. Conditions such as hammertoe, claw toe, bunions, overlapping or underlapping toes occur when there is a malfunction in one or more of the joints of a toe or toes. The joint moves out of its normal position and subsequently […]

Facts About Psoriasis

August is Psoriasis Awareness Month and since this disease can affect the skin on your feet and your toenails, we at Edmond Norman Foot & Ankle want to share some information about it. This autoimmune disease causes skin cells to mature at an abnormally fast rate which results in a buildup on the skin of […]

Tips for Dealing with Blisters

Does this sound familiar? You start a new running routine, determined to stick with it this time. First time out your new running shoes are rubbing on one spot on your foot. By the end of the second run you have a full fledged blister and your new fitness plan is derailed. At Edmond Norman […]

Could You Have Sesamoiditis?

Are you experiencing pain in the ball of your foot that gets worse when you walk, especially when you are barefoot? Does your big toe feel stiff and difficult to bend? Is there any bruising or swelling around the toe? If you answered yes to these questions, you may be suffering from a condition we […]

Why Are My Feet Itchy?

It may seem like a minor irritation at first, but itchy feet can quickly drive you crazy! At Edmond/Norman Foot & Ankle Clinic, we know that dry, itchy feet can be a symptom of several different disorders. It may simply be a case of Xerosis—a fancy name for extremely dry skin. Usually this can be […]

Avoiding Injury in Spring Sports Season

As the weather warms up, more children and teens are hitting the sports fields. While sports have many benefits for young people, they also present significant risk to growing bodies. Bones, muscles, ligaments and tendons are all still developing in children and young adults. At Edmond/Norman Foot & Ankle we find that overuse and improper […]