Neuropathy Treatment In Edmond & Norman, OK


Neuropathy is basically pathology of nerves. When more than one nerve is involved neuropathy is implied as the definition.


Heel pain, burning, tingling, cramps, weakness in muscles, inability to bend toes, ankle or smaller joints in feet or hands, pain constant, pain during night time, pain while walking or exercising. Pain with increased activities. Pain in ankle, legs, toes and generalized pain. Some patients will refer to pain in their bunions, hammertoes, or feel like their ingrown toenails are severe due to neuropathy like symptoms.


Diabetes, lower back problems like herniated disc, bulging discs, degenerative joint disease, alcoholism, trauma, previous surgeries, many ankle sprains or sports injuries, hereditary, metabolic diseases, chemo therapy, idiopathic (no reason).


History, and physical examination. Nerve conduction studies. EMG. Epidermal Nerve Density Biopsies.  Diagnostic Nerve blocks. MRI of extremities or lower back.


One of the few places in the U.S who actually will treat symptoms and the neuropathy. Medications, electrical modalities and in some cases surgical nerve decompression is offered to our patients. Ask about our latest neuropathy treatment in office which has proven extremely successful. With a high success rate with surgical correction, patients are selected based on certain criteria which will affect the outcome of the procedures.

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