Our Locations

Our Podiatry Offices & What Makes Us Different:

Norman Office
1006 24th Ave NW, Suite 110
Norman, OK 73069
(405) 321-6984

Edmond Office
2553 South Kelly Avenue, Suite 100
Edmond OK 73013
(405) 285-7408

Edmond Foot Ankle Office

Welcome to our office!

With a smart, friendly staff and cutting-edge equipment, you can finally relax and know that your feet are in good hands. We offer so many ways to help you get better, from laser treatment for nail fungus to specialized care for nerve pain. With many different therapy options, it’s obvious that a variety of people—hundreds, in fact—have a successful appointment when they walk through our doors each week.

Let’s talk about what brought you here. You could be working at an industry or restaurant that requires you to stand for 40+ hours a week. Even though you aren’t doing anything to aggravate your feet, the standing alone can leave you with chronic or acute foot, ankle, and leg pain. People in retail, construction jobs, and even star athletes, kids, and runners aren’t immune to developing issues. We are experts at figuring out exactly what gave you that discomfort.

The Diagnostic Difference

Buksh Foot Doctor OfficeAt Edmond/Norman Foot & Ankle Clinic, we’re known for being able to diagnose different types of heel pain, tissue pain, and nerve pain—all through our tried-and-true techniques. With 15 years in the business, we have a lot of experience. Bil Buksh, DPM, is an expert at correctly diagnosing the complexities of your pain and he uses ultrasound, epidermal nerve density biopsies, digital X-rays, and other equipment to find the root of your problem.

The office has state-of-the-art equipment to treat your feet, including an FDA-cleared Hyperblue laser for eliminating nail fungus, as well as an FDA-cleared MLS laser to treat neuropathy, tendinitis, and heel pain. We also have experience injecting platelet-rich plasma to speed up the healing process. These treatments only skim the surface of the cutting-edge care we can give you.

We offer other procedures like surgical treatment for bunions, surgical decompression for neuropathy and neuromas, and tarsal tunnel surgery. Modalities are suggested as non-surgical options for diabetic patients with nerve pain and other people with aching in their lower limbs.

Speedy Visit, Speedy Recovery

Before your first visit, you can speed up the process by filling out a form online and bringing it to the clinic. If you have trouble with this, give our Edmond clinic a call at (405) 285-7408 or call our Norman clinic at (405) 321-6984. Please note that we have two clinics that are open five days a week: one in Edmond, OK at 2553 South Kelly Avenue, and one in Norman, OK at 1006 24th Ave. NW.

Bil Buksh, DPM, at Edmond/Norman Foot & Ankle Clinic looks forward to getting rid of the agony in your feet, ankles, and legs. We can administer a painless procedure that will send you on a successful path to recovery. To make an appointment at one of our offices, call our Edmond clinic at (405) 285-7408, our Norman clinic at (405) 321-6984, or schedule an appointment online.