If you are suffering from chronic pain in your lower leg, ankle or feet please contact our office now. Dr. Buksh is currently accepting new patients and specializes in lower extremity nerve pain diagnosis and treatments besides all the regular foot and ankle related problems.

Many people have already tried inserts, medications other doctors prior to being seen in this clinic for their pain issues. Dr. Buksh will help you understand your diagnosis with detailed examination, history, and review or orders tests . Common conditions seen in our office are chronic nerve pain which is underdiagnosed and treated, heel pain , ankle sprains, tarsal tunnel syndrome, neuropathy, bunions, hammertoes, flat feet, pediatric feet and ankle problems, sports medicine and related injuries, fractures and neuromas. Our office helps thousands of people every year to get back on their feet and we would like to see you come here first to get you out of your pain . We offer conservative treatments with injections, laser, stem cells and regenerative medicine, electrical stimulation for nerve pain and traditional surgery for complexed cases.