Our Specialties

If you are suffering from chronic pain in your lower leg, ankle or feet please contact our office now. Dr. Buksh is currently accepting new patients and specializes in lower extremity nerve pain diagnosis and treatments besides all the regular foot and ankle related problems.

Many people have already tried inserts, medications other doctors prior to being seen in this clinic for their pain issues. Dr. Buksh will help you understand your diagnosis with detailed examination, history, and review or orders tests . Common conditions seen in our office are chronic nerve pain which is underdiagnosed and treated, heel pain , ankle sprains, tarsal tunnel syndrome , neuropathy, bunions, hammertoes, flat feet, pediatric feet and ankle problems, sports medicine and related injuries, fractures and neuromas. Our office helps thousands of people every year to get back on their feet and we would like to see you come here first to get you out of your pain . We offer conservative treatments with injections, laser, stem cells and regenerative medicine, electrical stimulation for nerve pain and traditional surgery for complexed cases.

Heel Pain, Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome and Chronic Pain

Did you know that the heel pain can also come from your lower back, nerve in your leg or nerve in your ankle? Heel pain is not always plantar fasciitis!. Our expertise on diagnosis and differentiating all of the above are our specialty.
Dr. Buksh specializes in surgery for the tarsal tunnel syndrome and can diagnose during your examination to help you understand the chronic pain in your feet ankle or legs form the nerve impingement in your ankle.

Foot drop, chronic pain after knee surgeries in lower extremities :
Foot drop or weakness can be caused from lower back problems, diabetic neuropathy, injury or trauma around the leg and many after knee surgeries. It can manifest itself in pain to the foot ankle or legs and has to be diagnosed correctly to see if it is treatable. It can cause instability in your gait as well difficulty with walking. Injections, imaging and nerve studies can aid in diagnosing your problem correctly so a procedure can be performed to correct the pain.

Regenerative Medicine Used for Neuropathy, Heel Pain, Joint Pain, Sports Medicine and Ulcer Treatments

Come find out about the latest which is being used in our office to help your body heal. Our office has been using Regenerative Medicine over the last 10 years with advanced products and techniques to improve the outcome. This type of treatment has helped many of our patients get through their chronic pain whom traditional treatment had failed. Contact our office for further details as this the most exciting part of our practice to help people with using their own body without medications or surgery. Dr. Buksh has pioneered techniques to help patients who have diabetic neuropathy, chemotherapy neuropathy and other types of nerve pain with regenerative medicine. He is currently working on publication of neuropathy and regenerative medicine with his successful treatments.

Diabetic Neuropathy, Chemotherapy Neuropathy, Chronic Sciatic Induced Neuropathy and Chronic Nerve Pain:

Yes there is help for neuropathy besides the tradition medications. Medications mask the symptoms of the nerve pain and the nerve damage continues. Once the damages gets in the core of the nerve, balance and other issues will be permanent. Dr. Buksh can help you understand other options which may be available to you from conservative to surgical. Dr. Buksh works in conjunction with many pain specialist to help reduce the nerve pain coming from the lower back as well.

Bunions Surgery

Bunions are usually hereditary, or caused by an injury. After examination and x-rays of your bunion, Dr. Buksh Will explain the most appropriate surgery for your condition. There are various types of bunion surgeries depending on your x-rays and examination.

Did you know that nerve pain can make your bunion pain worse? Even sciatic nerve can make symptoms of pain in your bunion worse!. This can be all diagnosed before your surgery to help you understand realistic expectations of your pain and its source. When the nerve pain is addressed , in some patients surgeries are not necessary or patients who still require surgery, will have a non eventful post operative recovery . Surgeries for bunions are performed according to the exam, x-rays, need for surgery . This is performed on an outpatient basis and recovery time varies according to the type of surgery performed.

Ankle Pain

Ankle pain has many causes, from arthritic joints to weakness in ankle ligaments. Conservative and surgical care is offered for most of these conditions . Ankle instability comes from weakness from repetitive sprains and these can be immobilized in braces or corrected surgically. With advanced techniques now we can start patients weight bearing much sooner than before. Come see us for any ankle related pain or injuries.

Diabetics Feet Related Issues, Limb Salvage and Wound Care

Patients who suffer from chronic problems related to diabetic neuropathy, will need our help at some stage. Wounds, infections, and mechanically related deformities can be treated right here. Our office performs yearly and early examinations on patients who have diabetes or any other diseases which effect their lower extremities .

Nail Fungus

Nail fungus is common infection in the toenails which is difficult to treat with most over the counter medications. Most people have tried all options prior to seek care. Our office carries the FDA cleared Laser for the fungal infection. This is an excellent alternative to oral medication which can carry some risks. Treatments are painless and are very effective in most cases. Please call our office to schedule an appointment to see if this an option for your diagnosis.

Before KeryFlex Nail Restoration

After KeryFlex Nail Restoration