Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome In Edmond & Norman, OK


Heel pain, Arch pain, Toe pain, Tingling, Burning, Temperature increase or decrease, Ankle pain, Pain in all joints, Cramps, Restless  legs, Pain in the ball of feet, Pain in the calf. Most common complaint is heel pain and is commonly mistaken for plantar fasciitis.


Trauma. Flat Feet. Heel pain. Biomechanical abnormalities. Lower Lumbar problems like bulging discs, spinal stenosis etc. Varicose veins. Obesity. Tumors in the nerve or tendons in the tarsal tunnel canal. Tendonitis in the tarsal tunnel canal. Diabetes. Endocrine related disorders such as hypothyroidism etc. Chemotherapy. History of repeated ankle sprains. Arthritic joints in the adjacent tissue. Any of these can compression neuropathy and pain in the ankle or can be felt in entire foot. If left untreated, the nerve pain will spread to other nerves in the same side. In some cases this pain can move to the other side and even in the upper extremities.


Clinical exam of the ankle, foot, leg and back will reveal localized symptoms. X-rays, Nerve Conduction Studies NCV, MRI, Ultrasound may be performed as well to rule out nerve damage, tendon pathology, any cyst or growth.

A clinical exam will reveal the pain around the posterior tibial nerve and surrounding tissue with direct compression to the nerve. Pain is usually elicited by applying pressure on the nerve(s), in the ankle, heel, leg and foot. Tingling with percussion is a sign that the nerve is definitely trapped.


Injection with local anesthesia, mixed with a water soluble short acting steroid will be initially injected above the nerve under with or without ultrasound guidance for pain relief. Medications for nerve pain are prescribed. Modulative treatment with TENS, Neurogenix, MLS Laser are effective treatment options.

Dr. Buksh is one of the few surgeons in Oklahoma who has operated on over 500 tarsal tunnel cases over the last 12 years or more. He has more than 90% success with his tarsal tunnel and other nerve branches release. In some cases other procedures are performed as well in conjunction with this procedure. This is an outpatient procedure and most patients can walk on their ankle within the first week with full weight. Sutures are removed in three weeks and patients can resume most non exercising normal activities at that time.

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