Neuroma Specialist In Edmond & Norman, OK


A neuroma is an abnormality of a nerve that has been damaged either by trauma or as a result of an abnormality of the foot. Neuromas occur most often in the ball of the foot, causing a pinched and inflamed nerve. Morton’s neuroma is the name of a neuroma occuring between the 3rd and 4th toes, in the ball of the foot.


Neuroma is usually a result of repetitive stress to the area, hence making the digital nerve get entrapped in the tissue surrounding it. Causes of neuroma can vary from exessive acitivities, trauma, referred pain, bunions, higher heels, tight or narrow shoes, swelling in foot from other surgery or disease. The symptoms of neuroma vary in patients. The most common symptoms are pain in the ball of the foot. Pain is present with walking on it or even rest. Pain can radiate in almost any part of the foot. One can have more than one neuroma in their foot.


Treatment for most neuromas includes injections and rest. Inserts may work in some cases depending on examination and history. Laser treatment offers relief as well. Endoscopic neuroma decompression is the preferred method of surgically alleviating this pain. This is done on an outpatient bases and small incision is made in between the web spaces. The tissue around the nerve is then released. Within a few weeks the nerve pain will dissipate despite the fact that we did not cut the nerve out. This procedure is less traumatic to the patient with very few if any side effects.

Surgical Options:

Removal of neuromas can be traumatic to the region and cause further problems and there is a chance for recurrence. Neuroma surgical removal of the growth may be necessary in recurrent cases. These can cause severe pain and complications. Nerve pain from a stump neuroma or one which has grown back, can spread pain throughout other periperal nerve. Dr. Buksh also specializes in revision neuroma surgery.

When Neuromas are left untreated, the pain in the nerves may spread to other toes, ankle, leg and even in the knees and hips .

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