Early Treatment Best for Toe Deformities

At Edmond Norman Foot & Ankle we see patients with a wide variety of toe deformities. Conditions such as hammertoe, claw toe, bunions, overlapping or underlapping toes occur when there is a malfunction in one or more of the joints of a toe or toes. The joint moves out of its normal position and subsequently […]

OKC Podiatrist Attends Expert Symposium and Surgical Workshop By Integra

Dr. Bil Buksh, an OKC foot specialist and surgeon, recently attended a hands on workshop in Tampa, FL to learn advanced methods for foot and ankle care treatments. While in Tampa, Dr. Buksh learned about many of the latest products to utilize for bunions, hammer toes, mid foot fusions, lapidus procedure plates,  flat foot reconstruction, injections for […]

Yoga for Bunion Pain

When you hear the word yoga, thoughts of stretching, relaxation, and deep breathing come to mind. Usually bunions are not the first thing that springs to mind, but yoga for bunion pain is becoming a very common way to treat this common foot condition. 3rd Street Yoga in Edmond, OK can provide you with much-needed relief […]

Exercising Your Bunion in Record Time

Spring is here, which means running is officially back in season. Marathons are getting a lot of buzz and are pretty much stealing the show when it comes to outdoor activities this year. Even if your usual regimen has never given you many foot problems, ever since you’ve started training to run your first 26.2 […]